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Startup bubble 2.0?

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Bump – useful technology or another redundant service?

Bump – a small application for iOS and Android devices which allows quick and simple information exchange. But how does it really work and what’s so special about it?

The idea is simple: we just need 2 phones (or iPods, tablets etc.) and some information to exchange. A well known scheme, but wait for it… cause here comes magic! You get some cool technology, which comes with a special application on your mobile device.

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How do you think your money works for you?

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Hiring: We’re looking for a PHP programmer to join the P-team

We’re looking for a talented PHP programmer to join our team. At PayLane you’ll be working on products and services, which help others develop their online businesses.

Why PayLane?

We offer you something more than just a good job.
We guarantee satisfaction.

We’re a young and dynamic firm which provides modern payment solutions. Offering intuitive payment methods for e-commerce, we aim for increasing functionality and simplifying procedures.

Gdansk, Poland preferred

Our headquarters are in the Arkońska Business Center complex in Gdańsk. We have a great office and fantastic people working there (check out the photos in our Facebook galleries). That’s why we prefer you to work in Gdańsk as well. But we want the best we can find, so we’ll understand if you feel better somewhere else. If you think that you’re perfect for this job, but you don’t live in 3city, we still want to hear from you.

More information

You can find all relevant information on:

How to apply?
Send your CV and anything else that could convince us to hire you to

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High quality payment information straight to your inbox

When you start your own business, online or offline, you need to specify which payment methods you want to offer your customers. And you’ll have no problem finding a lot of information about payments providers, new financial products and services or news from banking market. But the point is to reach a valuable source of information.

Card Academy Bulletin is  a Payment Card and Financial Services newsletter published by CAC Card Academy. Being located in Copenhagen, Denmark,  they gather fresh news not only from Nordic and Baltic Rim countries, but also from the rest of the European and global market.

CAC organizes also payment industry conferences in Baltic and Nordic countries (such as Latvia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark), which attracts companies representatives  from payments and banking industry. It’s always nice to meet your business partners face-to-face, especially when you entrust them your money.

To find more information about Card Academy, visit and subscribe to Card Academy Bulletin.

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Jason Fried on speaking to customers

Do you have the impression, that all companies use the same template to communicate with you? I mean it’s not even that their language is similar – some phrases or even sentences are sometimes exactly the same! But you rarely even read their emails, cause they’re boring, tiring or even painful, right?

The thing is that you’re not treated like a human being. Companies tend to create a distance them and their customers. Ok, being polite, formal and professional is one thing, but it’s not obligatory in all situations. Writing good copy isn’t easy, but avoiding common “traps” in business writing might be even more difficult.

That’s why I’d like to recommend you two articles by Jason Fried from 37signals on this topic:

These are two great articles on choosing the language to communicate with your customers. And I actually don’t have anything to add here – I completely agree with what Jason states there ;) Enjoy!

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It pays off to be friends with PayLane – and others notice it!

Affiliate programs are pretty unique in the payments industry, so having one would make us at least a little ahead of others. But “a little” is “too little” – PayLane’s motto is way ahead. That’s why we launched a service that no one else has – at least as far as we know.

Why is it so special? Our affiliate program is truly profitable and the rules are very simple. As always – no small print ;)

To make it short, here’s how it goes: our partners recommend PayLane to other merchants and… that’s it!

Now they earn 25% of the income generated by these clients. What’s more, there are absolutely no limits! PayLane partners get 25% for life and their income depends only on the clients (to whom we’re recommended) income. There’s no maximum amount. Now try to top this! ;)

Yeah, you’re right, we’re being a bit immodest… But to prove you that we’re not telling fairy tales here, you can read about us in the latest issues of The Nilson Report (in the Fast Fact section) and in the Card Academy Bulletin (click on the image below to download a pdf file).


Card Academy Bulletin – ISSUE # 78 12.05.2011 – PDF

If you think this is a fair deal – help us spread the word! Or perhaps you’d like to become our partner yourself?

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3 “obvious” directions of the payment industry

Payment industry – especially recently – evolves really fast. Just read some headlines on any of the news sites: “ is going to…”, “NFC in new model of smartphone…”, “PayPal is buying…”, etc. That’s why I think right now is the best moment to talk about the future of this industry. So, where is the payment industry going?

Right now we can consider and talk about three possible (or maybe better – obvious) directions.

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New look, better sharing

We’re happy to finish this week with two small updates. The first one is just cosmetics, but if you’re a regular visitor to our blog, you’ll surely notice it.
Yep, we have new icons! Our own, hand drawn ones. And since the blog is called “Across the Board“, we wanted to make the icons look a little like drawn and a whiteboard or a chalkboard. Though we managed to achieve that in big pictures, the effect almost vanished after resizing them to icon-size. Either way, we like the new pictures and hope you’ll like them as well. Notice, that some of the pictures have changed and the new ones are more adequate, which should make it easier to navigate.

The second change should be an even better treat. We changed all the social media buttons. Now it’s easier and more comfortable for you to share our posts with your friends.
So here’s what happened: we got rid of the social buttons on the bottom of all posts. Instead of them you now have a floating box with sharing buttons on each post page. If you find anything interesting , you can promote our blog by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and tumblr.

Update: What’s more, you can now share our posts also on delicious, digg, reddit, Hacker News, via e-mail and everything else you choose using addThis.

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These verbs – credit and debit – seem to confuse people. So let’s see if one shall be happy if the bank teller checks their account and says for example:

The full amount of the purchase has been credited to your account.

Surely, as it means that the full amount has been added to the account. As a noun used by accountants credit means an addition to certain accounts.

On the other hand we have a verb debit and the incoming example. Merchant has recently refunded a purchase price of 123 USD to one of his customers but cannot see it in his billing statement, therefore asking the acquiring bank if his refund was successful. The acquiring bank replied:

The merchant has been debited on 12.03.11 with the amount of 123 USD.

So the money have been withdrawn from the merchant’s account and the refund was handled properly.

When a bank account has a positive or debit balance,it means the bank owes money to the customer; and if it has a negative or credit balance – the customer owes money to the bank.

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