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Secure Form gets a makeover

First, a few words of explanation: when a client wants to purchase something from merchant’s website, he or she needs to fill in the special form, specify the payment method and validate the address. Some merchants had designed their own forms. For those who did not, PayLane has always had a form prepared. But recently, we have decided it’s time to have it refreshed.

The changes are visible at first glance: the design underwent a severe make-over, the green boxes are gone and everything fits a single form. Company details can be found in the top right-hand corner of the form: the merchant can customize this area with his or her logo and, naturally, company details.

Below, the customer will find the all details of his purchase: the item, the way in which the said purchase will be described and the amount of money charged. Underneath, the client can choose from available payment methods. Here most of the change took place, as now all the payment methods are visible on one screen (before that the client had to scroll through a list of available methods and then choose from an option below). This speeds up the purchase and minimalizes clicks.

The look of the rest of the form depends on the payment method chosen, as different type of data is required with different methods. Finally, the ‘pay’ button has become more visible – now the customer won’t be able to miss it!

Once can also notice the lack of explanatory notes on the side. In truth, the notes are there, but hidden under question marks, not cluttering the screen.

On the whole, the aim of this makeover was to make the form clearer for the customer and more easily customizable by the merchant. What is more, the form paves way for another big redesign that is just around the corner.


Ania is interested in all things design, as well as popular literature and film. She writes about the pretty side of credit cards and e-business. She's also responsible for some neat infographics and spends her free time writing short fantasy stories. An avid reader of graphic novels, she tries in vain to finish one herself. Has a credit card and is not afraid of using it online. Owner of a rather wicked sense of humor.

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