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How to Make Money through Payment Service Provider’s Affiliate Programs?

Business partners, clients, fans… Most (if not all) online entrepreneurs have them. It’s what makes their business possible. A lot of businesspeople know perfectly well that their network or fan base can be a golden opportunity to earn additional money.

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Subscription Cancellation

The title sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it?

If you are an internet merchant, that is.

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33 Payment Forms of The Most Popular SaaS Companies in the World

It’s not all about the looks. It’s what inside that counts.

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6 Things You Won’t Hear from an Online Entrepreneur

When you think about selling on the Internet – it’s not always an obvious matter of do’s and don’ts.

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Chargeback Levels in Online Business – What Is the Norm?

Why should an Internet merchant bother with lowering the chargeback rate? Why constantly keep the matter on the radar? (Such a nuisance!) After all – it’s just another way for the client to get the money back, right?

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Why Are You a High Risk Merchant?

We – entrepreneurs – think about ourselves as businessmen. Trustworthy people, who believe in our idea and the business model we have in our heads. Then someone tells us that we are a high risk merchant. Us?! No! Of course not. It has to be some mistake. Unfortunately it’s not.

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Why the same transaction may be successfully processed by one payment provider, but not by a different one?

Yeah, that’s possible. And in fact not so rare. The same card, similar transaction. We are able to pay for one product (on website #1), but we aren’t for another one (on website #2).

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How To Choose Best Payment Provider for Your Online Business?

Choosing the best payment provider is crucial for your online business. That’s the partner thanks to whom you will be able to earn money.

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Card Ads That Draw Businesses In

Who says that commerce (or e-commerce) is boring? With the ability to use celebrities, quirky images, and catchy slogans – anything is possible. This blog post is dedicated to those who do it best: American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. We will also briefly discuss what each of those cards can bring into a business setting.


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5 Steps To Stop Chargebacks From Haunting Your Business

chargebacksIf you’ve ever looked into accepting online credit card payments (and chances are that you have, the “Pay” in “PayLane” isn’t there just for funzies), you probably fear chargebacks more than a one-on-one meeting with your mother in law. That’s what friendly fraud is – a monster in the closet that you never knew about. For merchants, processing card not present transactions (so basically, all online credit card payments) the risk of receiving chargebacks is daunting, and rightly so, since it can be quite costly. But there is only so much that you as a merchant can do to protected yourself against them – sure, you probably have the friendliest customer support team in the whole wide world and a well worded terms of service agreement, but is that enough?

Well, it is.. sometimes. The biggest risk for any online retailer is selling non tangible goods, which are becoming more and more popular with every minute. Internet stores are basically flooded with all things digital, whether it’s a subscription to a magazine or that awesome new MP3 that’s stuck in the back of your head. These purchases that we often make with the click of only a few buttons (heck, with all these one click purchases, who isn’t tempted?) are perhaps the root of the problem.

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