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10 Steps to Implement Credit Card Payments (via Secure Form)

In one of the last posts, I have told you in a nutshell how to integrate your e-commerce site with a payment provider via API. Today we’ll concentrate on how to do the same thing using a different approach: Secure Form. It’s an easy and convenient method, and it’s often chosen by smaller shops and Software as a Service businesses.

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Is It Worth To Use Customer’s Language?

When you decide to run a global business it is only natural to create your product and promotion in English. It’s the most universal language, especially on the e-business markets. But it’s almost certain that your product develops and gains popularity in specific domestic markets. This would be the moment you start considering whether to translate your service, promotional materials and even to provide customer support in the local language.

To be (multilingual) or not to be?

Providing business (even online business) in the language of every possible customer can be difficult, extremely costly and absorb human resources. And, if your solution is sold all over the world, it might be even impossible. But if you launch your product in particular markets, prepare promotion actions or start partnerships with local companies, institutions or suppliers, you’ll need to be ready for an increased number of queries, clients and partners from that region. And that’s what you expect. But it might happen that your clients want to talk and write to you in their mother tongue.

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Secure Form gets a makeover

First, a few words of explanation: when a client wants to purchase something from merchant’s website, he or she needs to fill in the special form, specify the payment method and validate the address. Some merchants had designed their own forms. For those who did not, PayLane has always had a form prepared. But recently, we have decided it’s time to have it refreshed.

The changes are visible at first glance: the design underwent a severe make-over, the green boxes are gone and everything fits a single form. Company details can be found in the top right-hand corner of the form: the merchant can customize this area with his or her logo and, naturally, company details.

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