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Sofortbanking – interesting payment method for those who are able to trust

Sofortbanking (which is called sofortuberweisung in Germany) is a payment system, which gives customers an ability to pay by a wire transfer from lots of European banks. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The idea is pretty simple (and clever at the same time). Their systems are integrated with a lot of banks from around the Europe and they offer payments through these banks in one web interface. So if you want to pay in a web store, you have to be forwarded to sofort’s website, where you need to choose your bank, put your login, password and some token and… just click the submit button.

Sounds great, so what’s the problem?

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Sofortbanking – fast money transfers

sofortbankingOne by one we’re adding new payment options to PayLane services. Now our offer has expanded with sofortbanking – one of the most popular payment methods in Germany.

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