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1 Thing You Need To Have To Run Business in Poland

Wire transferDo you have a business operating in Poland? Maybe you would like your company to expand to that part of Europe? Before you do that make sure you have the one thing that will help you achieve success in the Polish e-commerce market – wire transfers.

Germany has sofortbanking, the Netherlands iDEAL, Denmark Dankort and the French like to pay using Carte Bleue. Meanwhile the most popular payment method in Poland is wire transfer. And although shopping using credit and debit cards is getting more and more popular, the majority of e-shoppers still prefer to pay via wire transfers.

That’s why we are happy to say that PayLane has partnered up with all banks in Poland and we have expanded the available payment methods with wire transfers! Bank Millenium, mBank, Credit Agricole, Alior Bank, MultiBank PKO BP, Deutsche Bank, Alior Sync, Inteligo? We have it all, and many many more.

So whether you’re a local or an international company, contact us now to learn how you can start using wire transfers and boost your business in Poland.

Mr. Banks is actually a fictional character, but does some real work. This makes him PayLane's fictional employee of the year :)

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