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3… 2… 1…


And we’re off!

Yep, today we launch our blog: Across the Board.

We are very proud to announce this fact, though it may seem a little strange. After all, it’s just the beginning, we haven’t written anything yet, so why the pride, right?

Maybe so, but we’ve got lots of ideas to share. And we’re truly excited about it.

We simply can’t wait to fill the blog with some really marvelous content ;)

Whoa, but what’s the blog about?

Well, since there is no content yet, it’s not quite easy to figure that out. So here’s our official statement: we’re going to write about business and marketing. And of course, since we’re the child of PayLane, about payments, finance etc.

Our aim is to share some knowledge in a simple and interesting way. That’s why we’re not making any declarations here. We simply prefer to keep real and natural instead of keeping our word. Declarations at this point may do more harm than good.

Perhaps some details?

Of course we know you want something, at least a draft. Should we give you one? Probably we should… But we believe that there’s really no point. We’re so excited and ready to write that the draft will appear by itself pretty soon.

Ok, we can’t be like this, you’re right. So here’s only this: we’re planning to create such things as

Of course it’s not all, there will be some reviews, post about people, some technical stuff and so on. Even some entertaining posts – as intermissions :)

And of course something about life at PayLane.

It’s really too much to simply list it here. It won’t give you the full picture and would be even unfair. Just stay in touch with us and see us evolve.

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