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4 Tips: How To Have a Successful E-Commerce Website

What factors make for a successful business? Is it the product? Of course. Customer support? Sure. Competitive prices? Naturally. But what if a potential customer doesn’t get to experience the quality of your services, because they have been put off by your company’s site, which looks as if it was ‘designed’ by a 10-year-old in 1996?

An attractive, eye-catching website has become the norm in today’s e-commerce world. Is it still possible to run a business without a site or one that is absolutely atrocious? Have you ever been discouraged from shopping online or using someone’s services based on their www?

A website is a make-or-break of a company. So, to make sure you don’t fall into the latter category, here are 4 main tips you might want to follow:

1. Simplicity

Whoever said ‘the more, the better’ was wrong (at least in this case). Really, no one will be impressed with dozens of random photos, 10 different windows popping up every now and then or 30 sections that confuse the visitor.

An example of a simple and clean website, with clear sections and easy-on-the-eye layout is the one by Hunter’s Wines:

Hunter's Wines

2. Graphics

Again, one of the biggest sins of ecommerce websites. Moving GIFs (‘e-mail’ circling around the globe, anyone?) really do belong to the 90s. Same goes for badly photoshopped pictures or flashy colours. A good graphic is eye-catching, but doesn’t shift the focus off your product/service.

Sky's Guide Service

Getting a beautifully designed website with custom graphics might be a bit pricey, but it also is the first step to getting new clients.

3. Information

Now that’s a tricky one. Too much information will discourage your clients from reading, too little- from buying. All you really need to do it put yourself in their position- you don’t want to read a mini-essay to finally find out that the t-shirt you want should be hand-washed. Instead, list only the most important details. Like (a fashion shop) does- info on the size, colours, price, shipping, return policy and high quality photos are all easy to find.

4. Easy payment method

An online-shopper that is forced to fill in too many forms is an annoyed online-shopper. So make sure your site is synced with a reliable and easy to use payment service. No forcing your clients to sign up just to buy 1 CD or going through 4 different stages to finally have your payment processed. You need it as simple as possible. And that’s where PayLane comes in :)

Do you know any other great e-commerce sites? Share them with us!

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