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5 Amazing Tools to Boost Your Online Sales

The ecommerce industry will make as much as $2.8 trillion in sales this year, according to the Statista report. Whether you are in on the action or just beginning the adventure as an owner of a small business, doing everything by yourself, one thing is certain: keeping a watchful eye on the business and keeping it not only alive but also thriving may give you quite a headache.

Of course, success demands effort, but there are tools that save time, spare you hassles and boost your sales by monitoring one of the key ingredients of a successful business – social media. The importance of social media monitoring cannot be underestimated since it’s the people who make your business possible. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, present a unique opportunity to reach potential customers, to get into their heads and meet their expectations, becoming the best online seller they’ve ever turned to.

However, doing it alone and without any automation is close to mission impossible. But hey, this text is to help you, so grab your coffee and get familiar with 5 essential tools that will help your business grow.

  1. Beeketing

When it comes to online sales, nothing builds more trust than social proof of happy customers who have already bought your products. Beeketing masters that by displaying various purchase activities on your storefront.

Of course you can customize the information displayed in order to appeal to your customers more. And when your visitors are hesitating too much? Beeketing’s sales pops help them decide by displaying information telling them that your products are selling out really fast. Knowing that a particular item has just been bought or is close to being sold out humanizes the store and proves that there are numerous customers satisfied with the items they’ve just purchased.

Beeketing is super easy to install, it syncs with your store data immediately and you need as little as two minutes to create your own notifications ready for display.


  1. Callpage

As statistics claim, over ¾ of shoppers choose to leave the site without completing the purchase. That’s a huge loss. Luckily, there is CallPage.

This tool monitors the behavior of your visitors on the basis of several points of action and snatches them with a free phone call before they leave. For instance, each time a potential customer makes a move towards the EXIT button, he or she sees a CallPage widget asking for some additional information and offering a free call back in as little as 28 seconds.

This clever tool is integrated with Google Analytics and gives you an insight into call history, your customers phone numbers, call recordings and much more. This way, you can effortlessly change your potential customers into actual customers.

All you need to do is to install the widget on your website, which takes 5 minutes only.


  1. Brand24

Would you like to know who is talking about your business and what are they exactly saying? Brand24 gives you a comprehensive and instant access to all online mentions about your business. It monitors social media in real time, analyses the data and provides you with the feedback crucial for your company.

Nowadays, social media monitoring can make or break a deal. A vast majority of your potential customers will reach for opinions about your brand on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. With Brand24 you are able to identify these leads and step forward before the customers find you.

This powerful tool also allows you to engage into discussions about your brand. You can follow-up on likes and positive opinions, you can respond to some dissatisfied comments as well. In other words, you can dodge a bullet of unfair insults and bring out what’s best in your business. You can become the dream brand. The best online seller.

You just set up an account and enjoy all the goodness it has to offer. Or you install the Brand24 Mobile App to be ahead of the game even on the go. You’re welcome.


  1. Photoslurp

Have you ever wondered what face stands behind a random customer and how he or she uses your product? Did you notice that professional photoshoots are overpriced in comparison to the results you get?

Well, guess what, potential customers trust more the people who have actually bought your products and present it honestly on the photos they have taken spontaneously. And that’s why you need photoslurp. This platform offers social media monitoring service, stressing the visual aspect of it. In other words, it finds on social media great photos and videos presenting your products and turns them into a social proof, making your brand authentic and more shoppable.

If you’d like to take advantage of all the sweet benefits of Photoslurp, you need to integrate it into your ecommerce store with their plugins or just run it with a simple Javascript snippet.


  1. Shopial

If you’re not on Facebook, you’re dead, right? Well, the same goes for your business. Shopial realizes it and makes a great business use of this 1.47-billion-people platform.

The Easy Social Shop, as their full name goes, enables you to showcase your products on Facebook and Pinterest without the unnecessary hassle. It is a gateway between your company website and Facebook or Pinterest page, so that you don’t waste your time dealing with these two social platforms. Shopial also offers brand monitoring on social media, so you are equipped with neat tools for detailed analytics and clear reports.

You barely need to do anything in order to reap the fruits, just enter your shop info. That’s it.



Web analytics and social media monitoring benefits are endless, they are the glue that keeps your sales on the rise. Tools for social media measurement and real time monitoring are of the essence if you want to make it big without being paralyzed with too much information served at once. Of course there are plenty of fish in the sea, new tools are created on a daily basis, but these featured above are, to our mind, the cream of the crop. Enjoy.


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