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Why Would Your Company Need MOTO Payments?

MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) is one of the order taking ways offered by PayLane. It basically stands for accepting credit and debit cards by phone or via e-mail order. What are the benefits? What type of businesses is it tailored to?

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Why Customer Service is Crucial for Running Online Business

Customer supportThe role of the customer service in building trustworthy online business is often underestimated. The merchants looking for online payment solutions often do not consider dealing with customers’ queries a necessity or treat it as a marginal issue. However, hiring and training your customer support service would help you on many different levels of communication with customers. It would also establish your company’s credibility and make your company worth recommending to others. What’s more, it will boost your sales.

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What is Worth Knowing About the Rolling Reserve

Rolling reserveWhen you apply for a merchant account at an e-commerce bank, sooner or later you will hear about a rolling reserve. Since you may then urgently need to clarify this term, please let me explain in advance what it refers to.

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Retrieval Request vs. Chargeback

Chargebacks and retrieval requests are inevitable part of doing online business. Many businesses need to handle chargebacks and retrievals on a daily basis, while for some others a chargeback or retrieval request is a rare thing. Yet in both cases it is good to know what the difference between the chargeback and retrieval request is. This knowledge will enable you to react quickly and take the appropriate measures to resolve these situations in a timely and efficient manner when they occur.

A retrieval request, also known at some banks as “soft” chargeback, takes place when the credit card issuer contacts the merchant to obtain information about a transaction charged to one of its cardholders. The reasons for retrievals can be various: it may be a result of a customer question or dispute, inaccurate or incomplete transaction information, a processing error or an indication of potential fraud. The bank will request a legible copy of the transaction authorization proof.

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Theodore Isaac Rubin on working

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.

— Theodore Isaac Rubin

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