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Chargeback – Are You Sure You Want to Do It?

Chargeback is the new black. I hear about them on daily basis (maybe it’s because of my job?), also from my friends – about how they fought for their money with an evil merchant. Of course, it’s a great way of getting back what you paid for a faulty product or service, but before you initiate it, it might be worth knowing what it means for the seller and why it’s sometimes better to ask them directly for a refund, without getting banks involved in it.

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What can be even more convenient than paying over the internet?

We’ve all left 2011 behind. This was a good year for Paylaners. Hope it was for you too.

Along with 2012 and New Year’s resolutions came a nice surprise – a few free days extra. Heritage from 2011. Naturally, I wanted to use them.

Took a globe, closed my eyes and pointed a random holiday destination. Wish me luck!

Well, not really, I just googled. Thailand? Why not?

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Merchant accounts: behind the scenes

Setting up a merchant account is above all about business possibilities. If you’re serious about your ventures, you can’t run an online shop nor accept card payments on your website without having it. Don’t cut corners, do it right!

What in Lord’s name is
a merchant account?

It’s a separate bank account or rather a line of credit to a merchant that allows business to accept online payments, meaning money from online transactions. This account is established under an agreement between a merchant and an acquiring bank for settlement of all transactions processed on your website.

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Selling is Hard Work

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Glossary: Acquirer

Acquirer (also known as an acquiring bank or merchant bank). A financial institution and a member of a card association licensed with credit card companies. Best known card associations are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, China UnionPay.

Acquirer is a bank that accepts or acquires performed transactions with a use of credit and debit cards issued by all banks within the card association scheme.

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How to survive on fairs

Here you are: stretching your legs, coming out of the office, making for the world to see you. But hey! You’re not a superhero! Keep your eyes wide open, listen to what people say and what they gossip about. You never know who’s gonna sit right next to you in the lounge or who’ll want to buy you a beer.

Fairs are organized for salesmen, but if you’re just a visitor, you can never tell how things will go. But there are some things worth keeping in mind.

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