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Sociologist and researcher, particularly interested in what happens at the interface between individuals and society, nature and culture. Fan of commercials- claims that ads are Art! Admires pure form in any field of art. At PayLane responsible for good visibility, audibility, readability and brand presence. Thinks about new markets, channels and partners. Open to any form of cooperation. After work - follower of the slow food movement. Always finds time to support NGOs.

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Creating an enchanting company

Everyone needs to refresh his mind, get some inspiration. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee or an employer. And of course everyone wants to get inspired and learn from the best. I reached for the latest book by Guy Kawasaki – “Enchantment. The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions”. I was wondering if the former Apple’s evangelist can offer anything for small and medium businesses, any useful tips on how to make a SMB become a great one.

To be honest, reading first chapter of Enchantment I thought Guy made fun of readers. Smile truly, shake hands with eye contact, dress to feel comfortable, accept others, show your passion… Is this really “the secret” of the former Apple’s evangelist? You can read this sort of advices in many other books on business psychology or learn it at business courses. Yes, I’ve definitely heard it before. But – without discouragement – I continued reading and chapter after chapter I became more enchanted. Why?

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Good rules of e-commerce

Have you ever met any unfair e-commerce practices? For example, you’ve ordered a product in an e-shop and after the checkout and confirming the purchase, you saw a higher price than the one on the product’s page? Or maybe you were waiting too long for the delivery without any information from the online vendor? Or maybe you’ve seen web stores, where no privacy policy or contact information was published, and you didn’t feel you could trust them enough to buy something?

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The History of Payments

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The social networks’ path

State of the Internet 2011I suppose we all have private profiles on Facebook and probably on Twitter as well. Some of us have LinkedIn accounts for building and maintaining professional networks, but we use Foursquare for fun. And we still remember the golden age of MySpace and Friendster.

Social networking became a part of our everyday online life just a few years ago. But do you remember the trends changes? When the Facebook began to rule the world and when the Friendster shifted to the low position in social rankings?

The race for Internet domination’s graph (created by shows the career path of social networking:

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High quality payment information straight to your inbox

When you start your own business, online or offline, you need to specify which payment methods you want to offer your customers. And you’ll have no problem finding a lot of information about payments providers, new financial products and services or news from banking market. But the point is to reach a valuable source of information.

Card Academy Bulletin is  a Payment Card and Financial Services newsletter published by CAC Card Academy. Being located in Copenhagen, Denmark,  they gather fresh news not only from Nordic and Baltic Rim countries, but also from the rest of the European and global market.

CAC organizes also payment industry conferences in Baltic and Nordic countries (such as Latvia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark), which attracts companies representatives  from payments and banking industry. It’s always nice to meet your business partners face-to-face, especially when you entrust them your money.

To find more information about Card Academy, visit and subscribe to Card Academy Bulletin.

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It pays off to be friends with PayLane – and others notice it!

Affiliate programs are pretty unique in the payments industry, so having one would make us at least a little ahead of others. But “a little” is “too little” – PayLane’s motto is way ahead. That’s why we launched a service that no one else has – at least as far as we know.

Why is it so special? Our affiliate program is truly profitable and the rules are very simple. As always – no small print ;)

To make it short, here’s how it goes: our partners recommend PayLane to other merchants and… that’s it!

Now they earn 25% of the income generated by these clients. What’s more, there are absolutely no limits! PayLane partners get 25% for life and their income depends only on the clients (to whom we’re recommended) income. There’s no maximum amount. Now try to top this! ;)

Yeah, you’re right, we’re being a bit immodest… But to prove you that we’re not telling fairy tales here, you can read about us in the latest issues of The Nilson Report (in the Fast Fact section) and in the Card Academy Bulletin (click on the image below to download a pdf file).


Card Academy Bulletin – ISSUE # 78 12.05.2011 – PDF

If you think this is a fair deal – help us spread the word! Or perhaps you’d like to become our partner yourself?

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Exploring CeBIT for small and midsized businesses

CeBITMore than 4200 companies from over 70 countries, 339,000 visitors from 90 countries, 5000 journalists, 45 hours of tradeshow exhibits, and 20 open halls – that was CeBIT 2011! Soon Hannover will be gearing up for the 2012 mega-event. The Hannover trade area can certainly handle the crowds. It’s pretty impressive – a city within a city, with its own bus lines, railway station, catering service and hard-to-find hotel rooms, especially during CeBIT. It’s so big and so important that many companies time their product launches and special offers specifically for CeBIT. The question is: can small and midsized businesses get noticed alongside giants like Google, IBM, Comarch, Kaspersky and Microsoft?

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PayLane’s going to Internet World 2011

Internet WorldThis time we’re heading north to London for Europe’s leading event for digital marketers and online businesses. May 12-13th, our power team will join over 300 solution providers and 12,000 visitors at Internet World at Earls Court, UK. It’s going to be huge – 5 shows in one. And although they’ll be focused on the PayLane mission, they’ll be looking forward to meeting with every partner and client that requests it. So if you’re also on the road to Internet World, or just in the area, swing by and meet the team! If you need help finding us, or would like to reserve a special slot, contact Sales Executive Dominika Buszka (+48 664 967 820) or Managing Director Karol Zielinski (+48 664 967 819).

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Everybody lies. Even numbers.

It surely isn’t new that statistics lie or at least they don’t tell all the truth. Since social media are (unfortunately) very often about numbers, take a look at how many users does Twitter really have.

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