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Behind the scenes: Starting at PayLane

Being new means going through certain rituals. Like first getting lost on the elevator between the second and third floor. Getting  a permanent pass instead of a temporary guest ID, choosing the perfect time to go for lunch and still get the sandwich you wanted.

Then you start noticing the air conditioning does not exactly follow the remote control requests. You take sides in the never ceasing argument over blinds in the windows – eternal darkness over supposedly disturbing sun reflections off the screens (seriously, folks, choose light!!!). The copy machine makes you understand that out of its varied and useful functions you may only use the ones that it mercifully decides to offer you on a given day.

It is a challenge. Especially that your prime focus is not the accessory training in handling life. There is a lot to learn on how to help our merchants most effectively and that is a process that luckily does not seem to end.  With each issue our merchants contact us on, there comes more knowledge, a deeper understanding of the online business area, and, often, a minor revelation concerning what to do to facilitate the payment procedure. Sometimes, it is even followed by a realization where the staircase is.

Unlike the staircase, though, there hardly ever is a pattern to follow. Online payments serve various business models and what is good for selling interfaces will not work for a moisturizer. We want our merchants to earn money, so the payment tools we provide them with need to be handy. That means going online and offline to figure out what the customers’ needs may be, where particular options may lead, and how to make sure that we are ready to grow with the merchant. So we go through what we can offer, what the merchant expects, what the merchant’s clients are willing to pay for, and what are the banks catches. Once you get through that distance with one merchant, there comes another one who takes you on a totally different lane.

And that’s fun.

Philologist with a deep belief in people that made her become account manager at PayLane. Searching for the most adequate support for our merchants she goes through whatever resources available – websites, encyclopedias, helpful colleagues' tips, comic books, and accountancy statements. Done with that, she looks for anything with the label "culture" on it.

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