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Credit Cards – creative ways to use your expired plastic

Credit cards can be pretty, there’s no arguing about that. They can also become the base for a work of art, as was demonstrated by the Graphic Design Museum in Breda (the Netherlands), in 2009. The museum ordered a collage created out of different types of credit cards, gift cards and discount cards from all over the world.

The cards were arranged into a rainbow-like stream of colors.

Credit Card Rainbow

Credit cards can also find other artistic use: there are artists who use cards… as brushes. Whenever you need a long straight line, or a Van-Gogh-like stroke, a credit card is your tool. Credit cards are easier to hold for those who have wobbly hands and cannot master a brush.

Just make sure you use an expired card… The acrylic paint can ruin your plastic!

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Ania is interested in all things design, as well as popular literature and film. She writes about the pretty side of credit cards and e-business. She's also responsible for some neat infographics and spends her free time writing short fantasy stories. An avid reader of graphic novels, she tries in vain to finish one herself. Has a credit card and is not afraid of using it online. Owner of a rather wicked sense of humor.

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