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Developer Zone – PayLane for geeks!

What’s that?

Developer Zone is a special website dedicated to IT geeks. It contains everything that might be helpful when integrating with PayLane. Besides technical documentation, you’ll find there:

What is it for?

Developer Zone has been created to make the integration process smoother and easier. Detailed descriptions of two ways of integration (PayLane Secure Form or API) will be very useful when designing the system and, hopefully, will help a less experienced programmer complete the entire process without any troubles.

Who is it for?

No doubt it has been created with developers and programmers in mind, so quite a small group of people, who are in charge of e-shop website’s technical side. However, anyone who wants to know what the integration process looks like from the other side will find it interesting. We hope we managed to explain how PayLane works, the transaction flow and the possibilities that arise when processing payments with us.

What now?

We want DevZone to be as useful as possible. So, if you used it, let us know! If you think we missed something, let us know!  If you came across DevZone by accident but nevertheless had a short look and now you want to share your thoughts, yes, you guess it right, let us know!

PS. The author of this post is a developer, KISS!

Wojtek is a pretty tall guy (2 meters / 6.56 feet) and doesn't talk much, so sometimes people think he looks down on them not only literally. But if you spend some time with him, you'll find out he's a really friendly person with a great sense of humor. Though still, at work (besides joking) he usually writes his code, sitting in the corner of the room with headphones on.

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