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Do you speak Spanish?

Well, there is not much to say except… ¡Hola!

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Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world (second or third place, depending on source – 407 millions of people spoke Spanish in 2010 according to Wikipedia) so think of the potential that this market has!

Not only English

It is quite probable that some of your customers are Spanish-speaking people. Or they could be your customers, if you talked to them in their language. I’ve already wrote why it is worth to use customers’ language so now I can just remind the main reasons. English is considered to be an international language, modern lingua franca, but if you want to expand to domestic markets efficiently, you should speak your customers’ mother tongues. Here’s why:

Say ¡Hola!

Secure Form - SpanishTo help online businesses customize their shopping process, PayLane has prepared a Spanish version of the payment form (Secure Form). It’s another, after English, Polish and German once. Your clients can easily switch to this version choosing Spanish in the upper left corner of the Secure Form. And as always, you can personalize the form by adding your logo, address, website and contact details. It’s so easy! You’ll have a Spanish-friendly online shop or service and you’ll gain new customers. If you’re curious and didn’t use PayLane solutions before, simply sign up and try it yourself.

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