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Expand to Europe’s Most Dynamic eCommerce Market!

Back in October we introduced wire transfers in Polish banks, which are crucial when running business in Poland. For many of you it had no significance as your business operates only in the UK, France, the Netherlands or Portugal, and you have no plans to try new markets. However, the latest Polish eCommerce report will no doubt make you reconsider your expansion plans – let us present to you some of the most interesting and impressive facts about this market from recent years and the expected figures for the near future.


New but dynamic

Polish ecommerce is a relatively new market. Earlier last year eCommerce Europe claimed that in 2012 it would increase by 25-30% from the previous year. At present, Polish e-market is worth 5.6 billion euros, which makes it Europe’s most dynamic market with a 33,5% increase from 2010 to 2011! No surprise then that 50% of Polish e-shops have existed for barely 2 years, and only 11% of them are 5 years or more old.

What do Poles buy online?

The survey respondents say they shop on the internet because they like it, it’s cheaper, saves time and it gives easier access to high quality products. Shoppers’ habits mean only good news for shops – 93% of them made money in 2011!

What the future holds

It’s believed that European eCommerce worth will increase from 97 billion euros in 2011 to 172 billion euros in 2016, with the biggest e-shopping boom in Spain, Italy and, yes, Poland!

If this didn’t convince you to expand your e-business to Poland, consider this:

As you can see, Poland is an interesting e-market with its golden age still ahead of us. Why not try to offer your products and services in that part of Europe too? Drop us a line at to find out how you can do it!

The full report in Polish can be downloaded here.

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