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Get inspired with Banks Quotes!

We all know that every self-respecting businessman has a mentor – someone who’ll teach the nuts and bolts of the bizworld, lead the way or offer a priceless piece of advice. But we also know that not everyone’s lucky enough to have someone like that in their life. What should you do then?  Well, you can either decide that you don’t need others’ wisdom or you can look for it elsewhere. And what’s a better place for that than the internet? And so, to make it even easier for you to find it (cause we all know how big the internet is), we’ve decided to collect our favourite business (but not only!) quotes that will hopefully inspire, motivate and provoke you. We have chosen wise and witty words from some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and leaders, starting from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, through Ted Turner, J. Paul Getty and ending on Guy Kawasaki, who will surely inspire you to action!

Without further ado, let me present to you… BANKS QUOTES!

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Mr. Banks is actually a fictional character, but does some real work. This makes him PayLane's fictional employee of the year :)

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