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Hello Canada!

This is the second time I can make such an announcement in last couple of months. And I’m so proud of it. Because today I’m able to say: Hello Canada!

One of the biggest challenges we have at PayLane, as a payment service provider, is geography. And what I mean by that is that our licenses and the licenses of our business partners, acquirers, banks and other financial institutions we cooperate with, are geographically limited.

We are located in Poland, regulated by Polish regulator (KNF) and it was always easier for us to cooperate with local business partners. And by local, I mean business partners from EU. Because we all are here, in Europe, and we cooperate with local European financial institutions and card schemes; we were also limited to cooperate with European merchants. It was fine, because in Europe there is a lot, really a lot, great online businesses.

However, year after year, we had to reject more and more applications from great companies which are located outside Europe. Companies which have the same set of values, which want to do business the way, we love. Therefore, for the last year or so, our main focus was not only on providing best possible payment services to businesses located in Europe, but also to have a chance to cooperate with phenomenal companies from other countries.

And so we did. PayLane Evolve! It was the first step. The second one was the United States.

Now it’s Canada

I love this country. I was there only once but can’t wait to visit it again. One day in the future I will. For sure.

But now there is much more important thing to say. And I’m so thrilled to announce that: Since this day, today, March 7th, 2017 PayLane is officially able to cooperate with merchants from Canada.

Team, congratulations! You are great. I’m so proud of all of that. As a small company, a small bunch of people, together we are strong. And together, thanks to your effort, we’re able to do things which are theoretically reserved for the bigger players. You’re great!

Canada, welcome on board!


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