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How To Make Women Trust You

Only 6.8% women trust online payments. This is the conclusion that Marzena Feldy, a PhD at Warsaw School of Economics, has come to. She analyzed a group of young people aged 18 to 34 as to their online shopping behavior. The research included both men and women but let us concentrate on women for the moment.

According to the research, women consider e-shopping too technical. Websites loaded with masses of products have been shown to cause information stress among women. It also turns out that women find contact with a shop assistant indispensable. They want to be sure that goods can be returned easily. Women also consider e-shopping boring. Surprised? Here is why. The interviewees claim that while shopping online they lack interaction with friends. There is no one around to discuss, advise or help make the final decision.

The study states that it is probably the distrust that makes women react more often if the shipment of goods is delayed. In case of women, the ROPO effect is stronger, they research online but purchase offline. They are also the ones who are more eager to place a negative comment if dissatisfied with their purchase. For women the process of returning goods is troublesome and ineffective.

How to make women trust your online store? Make sure that you clearly state their rights as consumers. Simplify the process of returning goods. Your store should be trustworthy and user friendly. Clarity and usability are key features. The best way to achieve this is to arrange website elements horizontally, provide simple and intuitive navigation, and introduce clear product categorization.

To make up for the friend interaction, introduce multimedia content connected with the offer. Give women the chance to interact with other e-consumers and experts in real time. Make your store a place where they can spend their free time in an interesting way. Give them additional benefits and surprise them with promotional campaigns such as free delivery. And don’t forget to contact your female customers after they’ve made the purchase to confirm all the delivery details.

A great thank you to Marzena Feldy, PhD of Warsaw School of Economics.

All the information comes from a PhD thesis Young women and men consumer behavior in online stores by Marzena Feldy.

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