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Is There Space In The Market For Another Communications Platform?

B2C Manager is a finalist of Startup Contest, which was held in Gdańsk, Poland in October. They have presented an interesting solution for business that can help with communication and sales of online companies. I have talked to Grzegorz Gwiazdowski, managing director of B2C Manager about their offering, why they participate in startup contests and what the future holds for the company.

Ula Lachowicz: What is B2C Manager?
Grzegorz Gwiazdowski : B2C Manager is a tool that helps companies gain contacts to potential clients and, through marketing campaigns, convert them to actual clients.
We have our ways of getting contact details to people interested in a company’s offering via their website.

UL: Who did you have in mind while working on your tool? Is it for B2B or B2C companies?
GG: Our solution is created for businesses, so it’s B2B. The tool however is used by companies for mass communication with clients, so it can be also B2C. It’s especially useful for small and medium business that offer services, such as hospitality & hotel, motorization, tourism or health & spa.

UL: There already are a few companies offering a tool for e-mail marketing and social media management. How do you distinguish yourself from them?
GG: It’s all about its use. Current available e-mail marketing tools require the clients to know how to create and conduct such marketing campaign. We went one step further and we prepared ready-to-use campaign scenarios. All you need to do is adjust them to your company and launch it using our platform, like in the case of our recent campaigns for hospitality or motorization for which we created customized themes that can be re-used by them whenever they want.

UL: Why did you participate in Startup Contest? What are you hoping to get from such competitions?
B2C ManagerGG: Startup Contest was a great event, full of interesting guests, inventors and investors. We are currently looking for an investor that will help us expand our platform with even more functionalities and broaden our reach.
We have many plans and even more thoughts on clients’ needs, which is why we want to prepare and implement them as soon as possible. I believe that with an experienced investor we could do it.

UL: Are planning to expand abroad?
GG: Yes. We’ve just applied for a fund within the „Passport to Export” program, for which we’d like to take part in expos and fairs abroad. Therefore, processing foreign payments is an important matter to us and we’re happy that PayLane will help us with is.

UL: How can clients order B2CManager? Does the process happen on the e-shop’s website or do you redirect clients to partners’ websites?
GG: Our services can be bought online via our website You can create a free account and buy an appropriate subscription. Each client has a dedicated consultant, who can help in case of any doubts or difficulties.

UL: What are your business plans for B2C Manager? Another startup contest, a search for an investor or product development?
GG: We have lots of them. First and foremost, we’d like to develop more functionalities for specific types of business. Customised campaign themes will be available for every company that wants to quickly gain new clients. We all know that, like in any other business, time is money, so in order to meet our clients’ needs, we give them ready-to-use solutions.
We want to find an investor by the end of the year – someone who has experience in new internet technologies and expanding onto foreign markets.

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