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Manage PayPal along with other payments using one service

When talking about online payments, almost everybody mention PayPal sooner or later. It just happens to be a common association. And no wonder, PayPal recently scored 100 million active accounts. With such numbers it’s surely not to be ignored and that’s why we now offer all PayPal services at PayLane.

But being a merchant you’ll probably ask how’s using PayPal with PayLane better than using it directly? It’s actually a very important question. So here are the benefits.

Same price, greater convenience

Imagine such a situation: you’re a merchant, you accept credit and debit card payments and/or any other and you run your ebusiness. Everything is fine, but once in a while someone asks you whether you accept PayPal. And since you have a PayPal account and a customer is always right, your answer is „yes”.

But it’s a bit messy, you have to log in to PayPal etc., you have to control your payments in two places, with two different interfaces. You cooperate with two different institutions.

What we offer is full support of PayPal services in our merchant panel – this means not only the most popular e-wallet, but also recurring billing etc. You can clearly see all your payments – credit cards along with PayPal transactions and any other. Easier, more convenient, less probable to make any mistakes. And you get our excellent support ;)

Besides, adding an extra payment method – especially a very popular one – increases the probability of selling your product or service.

And now for the most important thing…

Does processing PayPal payments cost anything extra?


Seriously, we’re just enriching our offer here and creating new possibilities for merchants. That’s it.

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