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Meet Our New Business Developer

PayLane is expanding not only when it comes to our services (remember our Affiliate and Referral Programs? DevZone? E-commerce platforms plugins?), but also our team.

Who is our latest addition? His name is Damian Winkowski and here’s what he has to say about himself:

Hi folks, my name is Damian and I am New Business Developer at PayLane – I find potential customers and create tailor-made payment solutions for them.

In my free time I am a crazy sailor (so far I’ve conquered Sweden, Saint Petersburg and Amsterdam), runner and book-reader (although I’m a fan of Walter Isaacson’ “Steve Jobs” and Gary Vaynerchuk’ “Crush IT” and “Thank you Economy”, it’s Tolkien’s LOTR that I’ve read 10 times already!) interested in positive psychology.

If you are interested in PayLane products and solutions, email me at

Mr. Banks is actually a fictional character, but does some real work. This makes him PayLane's fictional employee of the year :)

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