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The Value of being LinkedIn

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Glossary: Issuer

Issuer is an institution from which the consumer gets his credit card. Usually it’s simply a bank (hence the popular term issuing bank), but it might also be e.g. a credit union. Such bank is associated with credit card brands, like Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

The issuing bank is actually the institution, which grants you the credit. So they are the ones, who check your credit history, debts. And later they decide what your credit limit is.

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How to reduce the risk of chargebacks

I want my money backA chargeback means returning funds to a customer. It’s forced by the issuing bank and causes merchants a lot of problems, wasting their time and money. So obviously nobody likes a chargeback. Most merchants will do a lot, to avoid them. Even if their policy doesn’t allow refunds, they’ll probably give one to a client just to make him cancel the chargeback request.

So how to avoid chargebacks?

I won’t delude you that there is one efficient method. Sorry, chargebacks are troublemakers for all merchants and it’s going to stay that way – at least for some time. But it doesn’t mean, that you can’t do anything to avoid them.

If you get a chargeback request, than you usually have some time to prove your innocence. This means convincing the bank, that the client’s request is unjustified.

But that’s fighting the symptoms. It’s just saving your hide, not avoiding the danger. Let’s focus on the causes.

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Everybody lies. Even numbers.

It surely isn’t new that statistics lie or at least they don’t tell all the truth. Since social media are (unfortunately) very often about numbers, take a look at how many users does Twitter really have.

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French connection – the true story

Is it rewarding to take care about good quality and prices? ‘Sure’, you’d probably say. ‘It attracts the costumers, puts you ahead of others and so on’. That’s all true. But about a month ago I learned at work about one more advantage.

Every day a catering company delivers breakfasts for us. About 9:30 AM two guys walk into our kitchen with a few boxes filled with a large variety of different sandwiches, salads, cocktails etc. They sell the food at reasonable prices, we get to choose from different products, sizes, tastes.

And everybody was happy that way. That is until one day.

A snail

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…and we’re back!

Phew, that was a long break. A month! We truly hope nothing like this will ever happen again. Ok, we don’t hope – we promise.

But there is a bright side though. Of course there are no excuses here and abandoning the blog was truly reprehensible. But since we didn’t have much time to write, it would be nice if we at least told you what was so occupying.

And a lot happened and new things came out. We have a new acquirer, so that’s pretty big. Apart from that we constantly implement new payment methods (this includes preparing to conquer our “home market” – Poland).

Also take a look at our websites, social media and so on – everything is new here, and this includes:

We have tons of ideas, so it’s all pretty often about time. Oh, and that’s one of the reasons why our team recently grew ;) So there are really a lot of things going on, but hopefully such delays won’t happen here again.

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Steve Jobs about consumers…

“It isn’t the consumers’ job to know what they want.”

– Steve Jobs

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PCI Data Security Standards Rock

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What value can coffee present to an employer?

CoffeeDo you provide your employees free coffee? I’m sure you do. Who on earth would work without an aromatic dose of caffeine in the morning, right? But what kind of coffee do you provide? And why?

I’m not asking about whether anyone can have a coffee break at any time or whether there are no limits etc. I assume you run at least a small firm and you’re not fanatically strict (nor despotic). So the only question that’s left is…

Is it instant coffee, ground coffee or maybe fresh coffee beans?

‘What?! Are you nuts?’ – yes, I can read your mind. Of course I know you’re an employer, not a cafeteria. But please, let me just analyze this subject and simply follow my thoughts.

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Glossary: Credit card

Credit cardCredit card – a plastic card (usually 85.6 × 53.98 mm ) which allows its owner to spend money on goods and services. It is possible to spend or withdraw money up to a certain limit.
The card issuer creates a revolving account and grants the cardholder a line of credit. After that the cardholder may borrow money to pay a merchant.

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