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PayLane Verified Merchant

PayLane Verified Merchant badgesRemember us saying that we like to do more than just processing payments? We want to help all the really great businesses out there and that’s why we want to promote them.

So here’s out latest perk for merchants – the PayLane Verified Merchant seal.

What are the benefits of the Verified Merchant status?

The short answer is: you will improve your business and sell more.

The just a little bit detailed answer is:

Example Verified Merchant page - Vemma Europe
Example Verified Merchant page - Vemma Europe

Along with being certified as PayLane Verified Merchant, you will receive:

How to get the Verified Merchant seal?

If you run a fair and trustworthy business, it should be quite simple. Frankly, if you’re already a PayLane client, the whole process can be reduced to just three easy steps:

  1. Contact us at
  2. Get verified by our Compliance Department.
  3. Receive the seal and a confirmation page in the domain!


Getting the Verified Merchant seal
Getting the Verified Merchant seal

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