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Payment Gateway integration is once again simple!

PayLane has released another package of extension for e-commerce platforms. This time we are happy to present to you solutions for OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart and WordPress.

E-commerce platforms & WordPress

OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart are popular platforms for setting up an online businesses. Thanks to the aforementioned extensions the Merchant is able to start processing on his/her website instantly using PayLane’s Secure Form, since the client is redirected to PayLane payment form. Such a solution is nice and easy, and doesn’t require any additional cost or extra work.

Another news  is that it’s now possible to start receiving payments on Sites built on WordPress. It’s an alternative for e-commerce solutions and it allows to offer fixed-price services, products or simply make a donation. Such a way of processing differs from the standard e-commerce processing.

Wordspress, Zencart, Opencart, Prestashop


You are ready to go!

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