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So cool to have such a great API!

I feel awesome today. This will be my second super good news in the last couple of days. First, there was the new payment method that can improve your sales all over Europe and now this… brand new PayLane’s API.

An API thanks to which you won’t need to worry about being PCI compliant anymore. An API that will give you an opportunity to integrate PayLane into your web business so easily that even without any special programming skills you will be able to do it.

Thanks to our new REST.js API you won’t need to worry about processing or transmitting any sensitive data. And by “sensitive” I mean credit card numbers in particular. You won’t need to send us any credit card details because – the way our new API works – we will already have that data stored before you send us a request to make a payment.

I’m so proud of my team because of this (Marcel – you did a really great job here!). And can’t wait until our great merchants start to use it.

I truly believe that it’s a huge step towards being even more merchants-friendly than we were before. The next thing that our merchants have off their heads in order to focus more on their businesses. I’m so happy that I can deliver such a great news.

Want to learn more about our new API? Check out our developer zone and PayLane.js documentation (that’s our new client for REST.js API).

Btw. We are going to mark our old REST API as deprecated, but if you are using it right now – don’t worry about anything. It will still work, at least until the last of you guys switch to the new REST.js API.


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