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Sofortbanking – fast money transfers

sofortbankingOne by one we’re adding new payment options to PayLane services. Now our offer has expanded with sofortbanking – one of the most popular payment methods in Germany.

What is sofortbanking

Sofortbanking, known also as sofortüberweisung, is a service that allows fast and direct money transfers between banks of eight European countries – Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain and Italy. This payment method enables e-business customers to speed up international transfers. Sofortbanking has been certified by the largest German quality and security institute, the TÜV, according to best-practice data privacy standards. Among sofortbanking partners are companies such as Hugo Boss, DELL, Skype, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Emirates.

How it works

Merchant has to own an account in the sofortbanking system (there is no need for your customers to do this). If a merchant doesn’t have one, we can create it. They can see important data of sofortbanking transactions via our merchant panel, just like other payments. All your customers need is an online banking account in one of European banks. To make payments, they use their online banking access (e.g. PIN, client number) to authorize the transaction and TAN (transaction authentication number) to confirm. Sofortbanking system can check whether there are sufficient funds to carry out the transfer. At the end the client receives confirmation that the transaction is completed and comes back to the merchant page. The merchant gets information about this transaction, so he/she can prepare and send ordered product or service without waiting for the funds.

How to implement sofortbanking with PayLane

Thanks to PayLane’s cooperation with Payment Network you can now choose the most suitable payment methods from a wide variety of available options. Depending on the needs of an e-business, sofortbanking integration with PayLane can be done either via API or Secure Form.

To start using new payment methods contact with our sales department: .

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