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10 SaaS Businesses That Know How to Take Your Money Online

“Better to be safe than sorry” – it’s a saying that contains a good piece of wisdom to follow.

When you are responsible for a growing SaaS business, it’s best not to get too much overboard with this whole trying-out-new-ideas thing. Sure. It’s exciting. But often heart-wrenching as well.

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10 Steps to Implement Credit Card Payments (via Secure Form)

In one of the last posts, I have told you in a nutshell how to integrate your e-commerce site with a payment provider via API. Today we’ll concentrate on how to do the same thing using a different approach: Secure Form. It’s an easy and convenient method, and it’s often chosen by smaller shops and Software as a Service businesses.

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Implementation of Credit Card Payments for Your SaaS Business (via API)

Implementing Credit Card payments is not as tough a task as it may seem at a first glance.

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So cool to have such a great API!

I feel awesome today. This will be my second super good news in the last couple of days. First, there was the new payment method that can improve your sales all over Europe and now this… brand new PayLane’s API.

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Integrating With An Online Payment System


When you’re planning to open up an online store, sooner or later you will have to decide on a payment solution. This doesn’t just mean choosing payment methods to help your business grow by letting various customers from all over the world buy, but it also means choosing the right way to integrate.

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Why you really should take a look at a RESTful API?

As you might already know, we have recently released a new API here at PayLane. The reason we’ve done that we wanted our API to be accessible in any way possible – no matter which programming language or platform you would use to integrate with us. How have we achieved that?

We started to be more RESTful :)

What is REST?

In plain English, REST is an API design standard and technology that standardizes how API should be made and how it should work. But what is more important – the basic principles of REST say that your interfaces should not be tied/connected to any specific technology or language. Also, you really should focus on keeping your API as simple as possible in terms of its usage – you are giving access to your application to your future customers – do not let them down! RESTful APIs take a good use of what’s already there – the HTTP protocol. If we want to be more specific, they use basic Internet protocols to communicate with the outside world – and that’s pretty much all you need to know about it.

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How to make your developers REST?

How to make your developers REST - get a free whitepaper on REST!

PayLane presents a new version of the Developer Zone – a place for developers and entrepreneurs. There, you’ll find how to easily implement payments on your website and which payment services are worth trying out. It’s more than just a documentation – we show how to implement specific actions, so you just have to choose the desired example.

You can also download e-commerce plugins, learn how to make your payment methods suit your business model or try out a request demo.

Don’t feel like reading?

No problem, here’s a PayLane Developer Zone Guide:


Also – get a free whitepaper on REST!

We often encourage to implement payments using API. This way the whole payment process takes place on your website and is fully customizable, while PayLane stays completely invisible to your customers.

If you’re just beginning your adventure with REST, get our free whitepaper. Read about REST and RESTful APIs, learn why this is the right way to go.

You can download the free whitepaper here: RESTful API Whitepaper.

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3-D Secure – The Necessary “Evil”

We all know that high security is a must for every business. One of the ways to ensure the safety of your clients’ money is implementing 3-D Secure. But what does it mean from the technical side?

Thanks to PayLane’s implementation of the 3-D Secure technology, it is not merchants, but banks that are responsible for chargebacks in case of fraud transactions, on condition that:

To make it easier for merchants to use 3-D Secure, without requiring them to have in-depth knowledge of the whole authentication process, we have brought it down to 2 functions called through API.

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Integrating with a payment gateway via API

Coding...How to seamlessly integrate with a payment gateway using API? What are the common mistakes made in the process of designing? How to design transactions’ flow in the system? How much can it cost you? Do you need still a test gateway after integration?

So many questions, yet all answers can be found in this tutorial. Awesome, right?

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