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Card payments security – part 2

CVV codes described in the previous part aren’t the only way to make your transactions secure. There are forms of security, which are based on the payer’s localization. However, you may also come across simpler solutions, where only entered data is verified.

An example of that could be AVS – its mechanism compares your address info given in the shopping order with details of the card holder. Depending on the degree and type of eventual errors, AVS returns an appropriate error code, which are the base of estimating the probability of a fraud. Contrary to appearances, it is not inconvenient to clients – the system can tell the difference between a real scam and a situation when a buyer made a spelling mistake.

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What you need to know about AVS

The Address Verification System (or simply AVS) is a method for merchants to verify the identity of a customer who uses a credit card.

AVS is an excellent way to reduce the risk of fraud and increase the payment gateway’s security. In other words, it checks that a customer is the cardholder he claims to be and finally – it decreases the number of chargebacks.

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