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Chasing the Ekomers Award

Awards, rankings, competitions. Who doesn’t like to win? And when your brand gets an award, it’s something more than just a medal or a statue. It’s a confirmation that your clients, business partners and fans appreciate your product. And you can be sure that you’re doing a good job developing your online business.

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What can a contest do for your startup?

The Next WebWho doesn’t like to win? It doesn’t matter whether we think of regular contests, lotteries or simply online rankings. The feeling of being the best, chosen and appreciated motivates us to act and increase work. But what can such winning do for your startup?

Become recognizable

First of all – sometimes it doesn’t matter if you win or not. Being nominated or being in the top ten list can already be a great success. A lot of people observe trade contests because it’s the easiest way to be up to date with what’s new or trendy at the moment. You probably do the same looking for competitors, partners or clients. Being nominated could be essential for your startup when it is still unrecognizable. Taking part in a contest can be treated as your promotion channel. If you’re nominated – announce it to the whole world. Use any promotion channel you have (blog, social media, newsletter, websites etc.). Show that you’re proud because you should be! Media love information about winners so it’s always a great opportunity to be on the cover.

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Third place for

Company Blog of the Year 2001, Category: Young BlogWe are proud to announce that Across the Board took 3rd place in the Best Company Blog of the Year 2011 competition, where we started in the Young Blog category.

The competition was organized by a blog about running corporate blogs.

This distinction confirms that it’s possible to write about online payments, credit cards and other related subjects in an interesting way. We also feel encouraged not only to keep our blog on its course, but to seek for new ideas that will help us repeat the success next year.

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