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Jason Fried on speaking to customers

Do you have the impression, that all companies use the same template to communicate with you? I mean it’s not even that their language is similar – some phrases or even sentences are sometimes exactly the same! But you rarely even read their emails, cause they’re boring, tiring or even painful, right?

The thing is that you’re not treated like a human being. Companies tend to create a distance them and their customers. Ok, being polite, formal and professional is one thing, but it’s not obligatory in all situations. Writing good copy isn’t easy, but avoiding common “traps” in business writing might be even more difficult.

That’s why I’d like to recommend you two articles by Jason Fried from 37signals on this topic:

These are two great articles on choosing the language to communicate with your customers. And I actually don’t have anything to add here – I completely agree with what Jason states there ;) Enjoy!

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3 “obvious” directions of the payment industry

Payment industry – especially recently – evolves really fast. Just read some headlines on any of the news sites: “ is going to…”, “NFC in new model of smartphone…”, “PayPal is buying…”, etc. That’s why I think right now is the best moment to talk about the future of this industry. So, where is the payment industry going?

Right now we can consider and talk about three possible (or maybe better – obvious) directions.

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