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What Kind of Support Channels Should You Handle in Your Online Business?

There are dozens types of contact you are able to offer your customers in your online business. Choose carefully what will work best for you.

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4 Easy Ways to Scare Your Customers Away

It’s easy to get too pleased with your website. Usually it takes a moment to have it running and once you have it, you’re more than happy that it’s on. That’s not the point that satisfies your customers, though.

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10 Ways To Excel At Customer Support


Each and every company has different departments that are devoted to making the machine run smoothly. From IT all the way to customer support, we’re a team of people with different abilities sent on a mission to help our customers. As a marketer who spends time mostly on analysis, research, social media, and writing, I have little contact with our customer’s problems. However, spending some time with our customer support team I have learned a great deal about how they work.

So we keep asking ourselves, how are we to provide five star support to these “outside people” and develop a long term relationship with them? Now, this text and it’s main points were laid out by Dominika who is a great “supporter” and I took it upon myself to search for more. And here it is – a list of 10 things I found to be crucial in good customer support.

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