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10 Rules Of Social Media Etiquette You Might Want to Follow

Social media is a piece of cake, right? All you do is post, tweet or like, retweet, comment, follow and unfollow. There are no rules since it’s all anonymous (or at least safe from in front of your screen)… Well, maybe in theory. Assuming you want to use social media not for trolling, but to actually have conversations or meet interesting people, you might want to follow a few simple (and one might even say obvious) rules.

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Google+ and web personalisation

It’s been a year since the launch of Google+ and one might wonder what’s happened in that time – no doubt Google is working hard to promote their social network. On one hand we see impressive growth numbers, but on the other we still spend more time on Facebook and hear that many of the Google+ profiles are in fact ‘dead’. Although Google has already shut down some of their projects in the past, it’s difficult to imagine that the same awaits their social network – it’s in a too advanced stage to back down and, as it seems, Google cares too much about it. So what does the future hold for Google+?

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Facebook covers – the making of

PayLane timeline cover

Everybody (and their uncle) knows about the Facebook Timeline. On March 30th the brand profiles changed their look. Some companies embraced the Timeline earlier, which made the design job a real challenge: how to do something quite original and stay within the borders of company’s policy?

PayLane’s TimeLine – time-consuming but rewarding

We wanted something special for the PayLane’s Facebook cover. Naturally, it had to be connected with our business: credit cards, online payments… But we wanted the cover to convey more than that. We wanted to show that we are a group of people with passion for payments.

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Meet Mr. Banks – our new colleague

Mr. BanksThat’s right, we have a new employee! He’s just beginning, but we’re really excited. You’ll be seeing him here and there, as he’s going to represent PayLane on the Internet and support our marketing team.

Besides, check out his haircut. Stylized to fit our blog’s logo! You can see he really wanted the job and is devoted ;) Actually Mr. Banks is really enthusiastic and a positive fellow. Furthermore, if you like to meet Mr. Banks and talk to him, you can find him on Facebook. Despite being a fictional character, he’s very social and likes to get and share information.

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Easter… by the numbers

BunnyWishing you all the best and a Happy Easter, we just wouldn’t be ourselves not presenting something colorful here. So there’s a nice infographic below, but that’s not all… If you’d like to see at least a few photos of our last day (and see what was very yummy ;)) before Easter at work, visit our Facebook profile.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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