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Cross Border and Mobile Commerce Infographic

E-commerce? M-commerce? A research! Our partner – PayPal – has just shared an insightful infographic on the ins and outs of cross border selling and mobile commerce.

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Trustworthy E-commerce Website – Infographic

infographic kissmetrics

Having an e-commerce website is not just about making sure that you have more customers, you sell lots of products, or that your website looks trendy. E-commerce first and foremost is based on safety. KISSmetrics created a great infographic to show a couple steps in making your business the best it can be for your customers and you! Check out this Road Map for a Trustworthy E-commerce Website:

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Polish PayPal Mobile Shopping Infographic

Our partners at PayPal have created this great infographic with a little insight into what mobile shopping in Poland looks like. Click to view a larger image!


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Hooray for PayLane! A 9th Birthday Infographic

January 26th was our 9th birthday! To celebrate this day we’ve created an infographic full of facts from 2013. From the funny and quirky office things to the great new business heights that we’ve reached, this past year was truly a great one.

But our celebration didn’t stop there! Why? Because to commemorate this great day we’ve also launched a brand new website!

This year we published a great book on e-commerce, we’ve become an official payment institution, added more banks to our offer, increased the amount of opened accounts by 784,3% percent since 2012 (that’s 2529 new accounts in 2013 alone!), and traveled more than 20,000 km this year. And those are just the highlights of our year!

Check out how great this years travel through the business universe was:



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Holiday shopping infographic


Enjoying the Holiday season one online click at a time! Here is a short infographic that shows just how we shop online once the holidays are just around the corner.

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Mobile Commerce in UK and US – Infographic

Considering focusing more on Mcommerce? Here’s a great infographic to see how the mobile commerce market is growing in the UK and US.

Mcommerce in UK and US

Embed this infographic on your website:

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Hip Hip Hooray for PayLane – a Birthday Infographic!

January 26th marks not only Australia Day, but also PayLane’s birthday! That’s right, we are 8, which is quite hard to believe, as it feels like we have just had our 7-year run!

To celebrate it, we have just launched a brand new site and we’ve made an infographic summing up the past year – we spent it laughing, crying, celebrating and, above all, working hard to provide the best service. We set up 305 new accounts and launched 27 new services and products, including PayLane for Startups, DevZone, eCommerce plugins and single-click payments.

In these past 12 months we also released 40 press releases and expanded to 4 new countries- Ireland, Germany, Poland and the UK, which resulted in an increase in the number of clients by 135% and newsletter subscription by…800%!

Now, on our 8th birthday, we can proudly say we offer European businesses accepting online payments via 39 payment methods in 167 transaction currencies! And we’re doing a pretty good job judging by how many fans we have on our social media profiles – 5159!

Thanks a lot for being with PayLane for these 8 years. Here’s to great things still ahead of us!

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It’s Christmas Shopping Time! How Can Your Business Benefit From It?

Credit CardAs we all know, Christmas is the time of family gatherings, celebrations, eating and… shopping. And even though there’s still over a month till December 25, it’s high time you got ready for the flood of customers. A recent survey conducted by Liveperson shows that  the majority of shoppers will do their shopping in November, while 29% will do it already in October! And what’s even better, they’re feeling more optimistic this year, which may result in higher sales. How can your e-shop benefit from the Christmas shopping spree?

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The Balance of Britain’s Breaks – Infographic

Remember our Credit Cards in Numbers infographic from a few months ago? Tesco Bank has made a similar compilation of fun facts about credit cards and online shopping habits in Britain.

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The Future of Money

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