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The essentials of Mobile Payments

The days of going to a shop in order to buy something are already in the past. Today, you can purchase whatever you want from home, sipping a cup of your favorite coffee.

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Cross Border and Mobile Commerce Infographic

E-commerce? M-commerce? A research! Our partner – PayPal – has just shared an insightful infographic on the ins and outs of cross border selling and mobile commerce.

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3 Steps To Understanding Mobile Commerce


M-commerce is sweeping the world as stores fight for customers. With an increased amount of shoppers reaching for their mobile devices, E-commerce (and physical stores alike) is taking mobile optimization more and more. There are three factors to understanding why mobile commerce is becoming such a powerful platform: convenience, mobile apps, the spread of 4G.

What exactly is mobile commerce? Investopedia defines m-commerce as the use of wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones and laptops to conduct commercial transactions online. However, this definition can be expanded to tablets, interactive laptops, basically anything with a touch screen. To fully understand those three points, lets firstly look at some history behind mobile shopping:

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