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The essentials of Mobile Payments

The days of going to a shop in order to buy something are already in the past. Today, you can purchase whatever you want from home, sipping a cup of your favorite coffee.

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How to accept payments on mobile devices?


Smartphone or tablets are not only practical devices that make our life easier. You can stay online for (almost) a whole day, check the route to any destination, measure time and distance you run etc. But mobile device let us also buy wherever we are. Imagine what opportunities they give to your business!

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Is It Possible To Accept Card Payments With Smartphones And No Extra Hardware?

If you want to accept card payments with a mobile device, you’ll probably end up with Square or one of similar solutions (mPowa, iZettle etc.) – that’s what the search results will give you. But ask yourself, do you really need and want to set up a new account and attach a piece of hardware every time someone pays you?

Is this really the only solution?

Well, it depends.

There are alternatives, but whether you should use them or not – this mostly depends on your business type, its model and needs. It’s quite different if you want to accept payments in a single restaurant, a chain of restaurants, if you deliver goods to your customers or sell both online and offline.

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Mobile Payments: Rebirth of the Credit Card

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6 Mobile Payments Myths

Are you still reluctant to use mobile payments? You think that your business is doing fine just with credit cards? Are you afraid it’s an expensive and complicated solution? Take a look at this great infographic about 6 mobile payments myths – it might change your mind!

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Moneta – mobile payments for everyone

MonetaWhenever we read any news about mobile payments, it seems like it’s always about the same things: smart phones, NFC, Square, Google Wallet and so on. If you have a similar impression, then here’s something refreshing: Moneta – a payment scheme that doesn’t require NFC, attaching anything to your cell phone or installing any apps. Actually, you don’t even need a smart phone – any cell phone will do just fine!

So how does it work? What’s the technology behind Moneta? It’s actually as simple as a phone call. And I mean it literally – data is transmitted over a voice connection!

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Mobile payments with a… wristwatch

Do you think that paying with a mobile phone instead of a credit card is cool? Nonsense! Despite the fact that such solutions still aren’t popular globally, they’re already becoming old fashion. New gadgets and payment methods are being created all the time and that’s great. We – the customers – have a better choice and it’s up to us which solutions will become popular and which will vanish.

One of such new solutions is watch2pay. MasterCard teamed up with Laks and announced the first wristwatch that can be used to make payments. Not only does it sound cool, but it’s also simple and uses a well known technology.

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MasterCard’s mobile payment system in Hungary

Since 25th October for the first time in Hungary and the first time in Europe, mobile phones are enabled to be used as MasterCard payment cards. A month ago Google launched in the United States (only!) a virtual mobile wallet called “Google Mobile” and now MasterCard Mobile is to be launched in Hungary (EU), just for a good start.

MasterCard chose Cellum, Hungary’s fast-growing developer of mobile payment solutions, to integrate bank cards into handsets.

Mobile phones will no longer be limited to offering voice, image and text transmission services only; from now on they will be able to transfer money as well.

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