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Paperophilia Or Why We Ask for Various Documents

In our office there are shelves. On the shelves there are boxes. In the boxes there are files. In the files there are documents. An in the documents there is everything. We are genuinely interested in everything, that’s why we ask for these documents. However, there are good reasons for this.

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To Bitcoin or not to Bitcoin?


The question on everybody’s mind is – should I allow Bitcoin as a payment form on my website? This brainchild of the pseudonymous Satoshi Namakamoto has soared from zero to hero in a very short time period. Worth barely a cent in the first year of its career (2009-2010), finally reaching dollar value in 2011, nobody saw any potential in this wildly fluctuating cryptocurrency. That is, until the bubble grew to enormous sizes in 2013, at one point reaching over $1200. But what does that mean for the future of Bitcoin? That’s what we’re going to discuss briefly.

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Automatic Payment Optimizer – a revolutionary solution for big online businesses

If you run an international e-business and sell goods globally, you do your best to make the purchasing process as simple and as fast as possible. When your online business is developing and the number of customers, transactions and revenues is increasing, there is nothing worse than payment limits that can stop you. But sometimes the bank can reject transactions (because of business or customer location, payments method, currencies, etc.). If a consumer lives in the UK and suddenly shops in Japan, the bank can treat it as a fraud transaction, because, for example, such card activity may not correspond with their purchasing history. It’s all in order to ensure the money’s safety. Banks sometimes reject payments when they suspect a card might have been stolen. But it’s a big problem for e-businesses. When a transaction is rejected, you lose money and customers.

How to avoid such problems?

The best way is to create more than one merchant account and integrate them in one clever payment system. And that’s what we prepared: Automatic Payment Optimizer. It is a mechanism that groups all merchant accounts of a given online business and sends money to the right one. If a bank rejects a transaction, APO attempts to send the funds to other bank accounts until it succeeds and receives a positive response. All this happens automatically and takes just a few seconds.

Automatic Payment Optimizer

To try Automatic Payment Optimizer contact PayLane

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Think global, act local

It is a good slogan not only for social activity but also for running online business. If you’d like your brand to spread around the world think how it works in particular markets. Popularity in many regions can finally bring you closer to global success.

Some products can be universal for every user. Think about computer accessories, music streaming services or electronics. But many businesses have to target their solutions to particular markets. For example e-book stores need to offer books in a local language, written by local authors. File sharing services have to abide by the local law, clothes stores adapt to the local climate etc. This means they understand and meet their clients’ needs. If you know what your users want you are all set. You just need to use this knowledge wisely.

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Credit Card vs Direct Debit Payments

One of the most popular payment methods in some countries (such as German-speaking regions) is direct debit. Let’s compare this payment method to credit card payments…

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Crisis? Not in the e-commerce industry

GlobeWhen I am reading news from the e-commerce industry, regardless of the country or the continent, it seems that it’s the only sector of the economy where crisis is not as noticeable. Hell, one might even say it’s actually… non-existent!

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Sofortbanking – interesting payment method for those who are able to trust

Sofortbanking (which is called sofortuberweisung in Germany) is a payment system, which gives customers an ability to pay by a wire transfer from lots of European banks. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The idea is pretty simple (and clever at the same time). Their systems are integrated with a lot of banks from around the Europe and they offer payments through these banks in one web interface. So if you want to pay in a web store, you have to be forwarded to sofort’s website, where you need to choose your bank, put your login, password and some token and… just click the submit button.

Sounds great, so what’s the problem?

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Everything You Need to Know About Online Payments Providers

Online shopping and its development is a hot topic- whether it’s about safety, business types or pros and cons in comparison to a ‘regular shop’. In the meantime, online payments, a matter equally important, is put on a back burner.

Payment processors are not in charge only of efficient mediacy and safety of our transfers- the choice of such providers should depend also on the type, size and outlook of your business. It might be worth then to get to know each provider to make sure your decision is a good one.

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Manage PayPal along with other payments using one service

When talking about online payments, almost everybody mention PayPal sooner or later. It just happens to be a common association. And no wonder, PayPal recently scored 100 million active accounts. With such numbers it’s surely not to be ignored and that’s why we now offer all PayPal services at PayLane.

But being a merchant you’ll probably ask how’s using PayPal with PayLane better than using it directly? It’s actually a very important question. So here are the benefits.

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