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Online marketplace vs e-commerce webpage – which one you should turn to?

You are trying to use your online presence and turn it into something more tangible than good reputation but you are not certain how to do it. If you are looking into increasing your revenue by not only offering but also selling your services online, you need to know that there are several roads you can take.

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6 Things Shoppers Want in Online Stores

There is no doubt that shopping online is quickly becoming one of the go-to methods for purchasing products. Buying online provides a fast and convenient way for purchasing goods from the comfort of your own home. However, many online retailers fail to meet the demands of their consumers, which in return affects their sales.

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3 Steps To Understanding Mobile Commerce


M-commerce is sweeping the world as stores fight for customers. With an increased amount of shoppers reaching for their mobile devices, E-commerce (and physical stores alike) is taking mobile optimization more and more. There are three factors to understanding why mobile commerce is becoming such a powerful platform: convenience, mobile apps, the spread of 4G.

What exactly is mobile commerce? Investopedia defines m-commerce as the use of wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones and laptops to conduct commercial transactions online. However, this definition can be expanded to tablets, interactive laptops, basically anything with a touch screen. To fully understand those three points, lets firstly look at some history behind mobile shopping:

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Should You Use an Ecommerce Platform to Sell Goods?

If you want to start selling online, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about opening your very own online store. But how to do it? Should you use a ready-to-go ecommerce platform or create your own system? Or maybe there’s another way and a webstore won’t be the best solution for you. This is easy to say, but if it’s your first time – it won’t be that easy to answer.

Since ecommerce is the most common case, let’s first think how to start an e-shop. Some consider ecommerce systems as just for amateurs, but that is certainly not true. Of course amateurs use them and the biggest brands don’t, but the businesses in between make the biggest part. What should they do?

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The Balance of Britain’s Breaks – Infographic

Remember our Credit Cards in Numbers infographic from a few months ago? Tesco Bank has made a similar compilation of fun facts about credit cards and online shopping habits in Britain.

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