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PayLane becomes a certified American Express partner

American Express CardWe’re constantly going global and reaching more and more markets. Becoming a certified partner with American Express is our latest step to become a worldwide payment processor.

What does it mean for our merchants?

Thanks to direct integration of both companies’ systems, it is possible to process payments without other parties’ involvement. This means that PayLane clients may now expect lower fees and simpler account opening procedures.

Merchants who want to accept payments with AmEx cards do not need to apply for a merchant account with another acquiring bank. Apart from a simpler process of opening an account, PayLane clients now pay less for processing payments. Direct collaboration between PayLane and American Express eliminates any additional fees charged by acquiring banks. Could this be any better? :)

Partnering up with AmEx is another step of creating PayLane’s offer dedicated to e-businesses that want to operate globally.Geographical boundaries are no barrier for us any more. Apart from enriching the list of available payment methods, we implements also other services and simplifies the already offered solutions. That is why PayLane can offer its clients to reach more markets from all over the world and still works on reducing fees and simplifying all necessary procedures.

Do you need to integrate with AmEx? Don’t wait, simply¬†contact our sales department right away! :)

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