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3 Steps To Understanding Mobile Commerce


M-commerce is sweeping the world as stores fight for customers. With an increased amount of shoppers reaching for their mobile devices, E-commerce (and physical stores alike) is taking mobile optimization more and more. There are three factors to understanding why mobile commerce is becoming such a powerful platform: convenience, mobile apps, the spread of 4G.

What exactly is mobile commerce? Investopedia defines m-commerce as the use of wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones and laptops to conduct commercial transactions online. However, this definition can be expanded to tablets, interactive laptops, basically anything with a touch screen. To fully understand those three points, lets firstly look at some history behind mobile shopping:

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Businessman vs. Consumer Rights


As we enter the month of March, it is only right that we prepare for March 15th as that’s when the World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated. This day marks the date on which President John F. Kennedy first outlined what are Consumer Rights, and what we have known them to be since 1962. During the Presidents’ speech, he outlined four basic consumer rights: to inform, to choose, the right to safety, and the right to representation.

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3 Steps To Website Design That Sells


Over the years design has changed drastically. Even now we see how websites have transferred from realistic design onto flat design. However, most business owners don’t think about which color or type of design is now trendy, they focus on what design will attract their customers.

Satisfying customers can be a challenge because they’re individuals who don’t think alike. And whether we like it or not, 93% of our customers judgement of a website during the first seconds relies on visual appearance alone. Whereas about 42% of those users make a decision to stay on a website due to design alone. KISSmetrics made a great infographic that explaines customer behavior during shopping. That’s why this post is dedicated to good website design, a brief introduction to why color, simplicity and intuitive design is important in attracting customers.

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Global e-business: How To Sell In Poland?

polish-ecommercePoland has quite a huge market for all kind of e-business owners. Located in Central Europe, with rapidly growing all kind of e-commerce metrics Poland is set to take over the e-commerce industry.  That’s why in this blog post we’re going to focus on what exactly is going on in Poland and why taking an interest in this country is worth your time.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Transaction Descriptors


Whenever a customer reads their card and/or bank statements, they most likely see dates and amounts of transactions, perhaps the account balance after each of them, and – depending on the bank – maybe some additional information as well. But among this data, they surely see transaction descriptors. As the name suggests, a transaction descriptor is meant to describe a particular payment in order to help to identify the transaction.

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First steps in using Magento


When it comes to downloading your own copy of Magento, there are two ways to download the newest package, directly on the website (it requires logging in) or through svn. In this blog post you’ll find detailed steps on going through the downloading and installing procedure. What once seemed impossible will now be a quick breeze through simple steps!

We’ve prepared a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to download, use, and change options for your convenience, within Magento

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5 Steps To Be The Most Promising Startup


Opportunities to grow can be found in various places. Expanding and taking on the online business world is a great adventure, but taking part  in contests like The Next Web Startup Awards can be a great way to let others hear about you! The more people hear about your business, and get to know what you do and how you do it, the greater the chance that your success story really will be a success story. Here are 5 tips to tackling the Startup awards world:

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Why SEO monitoring is important

Google_HummingbirdAt the end of September Google announced another change of their algorithm. After Panda and Penguin it’s time for Hummingbird. For SEO specialists and business owners who care about visibility in Google search, this always means a moment confusion, planning changes, and then optimization. Especially that it was launched about a month before the official announcement. So those who saw changes in their search results now have an explanation – Hummingbird.

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Test account in PayLane’s system

testing account pl

About our test account

To accept internet payments using PayLane, the first step is to create a test account. From a Merchants point of view, this account is crucial in the process of integrating with the system. It also serves as the first stage in collecting documents and information, needed to create a production account.

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5 Good practices in online checkout

online-checkoutShopping cart abandonment can be a plague. The web is filled with reports estimating the number of abandoned carts from 55% to 80.30% . Your website can be beautifully designed and  embody the latest trends, yet statistically only about 40% of your customers will complete the shopping process. That’s a bit discouraging.

But worry not! Sometimes a small change in the shopping process can save your income. We have listed 5 good customs (connected mainly, but not limited to design…) that can help you enhance the checkout process and make your customers experience better 

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