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PayLane’s going to Internet World 2011

Internet WorldThis time we’re heading north to London for Europe’s leading event for digital marketers and online businesses. May 12-13th, our power team will join over 300 solution providers and 12,000 visitors at Internet World at Earls Court, UK. It’s going to be huge – 5 shows in one. And although they’ll be focused on the PayLane mission, they’ll be looking forward to meeting with every partner and client that requests it. So if you’re also on the road to Internet World, or just in the area, swing by and meet the team! If you need help finding us, or would like to reserve a special slot, contact Sales Executive Dominika Buszka (+48 664 967 820) or Managing Director Karol Zielinski (+48 664 967 819).

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…and we’re back!

Phew, that was a long break. A month! We truly hope nothing like this will ever happen again. Ok, we don’t hope – we promise.

But there is a bright side though. Of course there are no excuses here and abandoning the blog was truly reprehensible. But since we didn’t have much time to write, it would be nice if we at least told you what was so occupying.

And a lot happened and new things came out. We have a new acquirer, so that’s pretty big. Apart from that we constantly implement new payment methods (this includes preparing to conquer our “home market” – Poland).

Also take a look at our websites, social media and so on – everything is new here, and this includes:

We have tons of ideas, so it’s all pretty often about time. Oh, and that’s one of the reasons why our team recently grew ;) So there are really a lot of things going on, but hopefully such delays won’t happen here again.

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Brand new layout

We’re into payments, so how on earth could we have a cool site? Oh, and make it attractive to potential clients at the same time. (After all, we eventually have to make some money, right?)

Yet we wanted a good looking and effective website.. Especially that our old one was… well, let’s be honest – it wasn’t exactly George Clooney of CSS. But that’s perfectly normal, every site eventually gets old and requires corrections or rearrangements.

It’s just that we decided, that our needs replacement.

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3… 2… 1…


And we’re off!

Yep, today we launch our blog: Across the Board.

We are very proud to announce this fact, though it may seem a little strange. After all, it’s just the beginning, we haven’t written anything yet, so why the pride, right?

Maybe so, but we’ve got lots of ideas to share. And we’re truly excited about it.

We simply can’t wait to fill the blog with some really marvelous content ;)

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