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Let’s Revise! – 21 Online Payment Definitions You Should Know

From the outside it may seem that online payments are easy. You just need to attach your webpage to a paying agent of your choice and swoosh, ready to go. The money just starts flowing.

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Do you need to be PCI compliant if you’re selling online?

That’s a question we hear a lot. And the answer depends on a few factors.

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We’re Getting Audited! But What Does It Mean?

It’s a busy time at PayLane – we’ve just been audited. No, not by the IRS. Our taxes are just fine. Then what does it mean? Last week we were visited by a QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) from an external audit company who, in short, decides whether a financial company is trustworthy or not. He spent a week with us, going through hundreds of document pages, checking our network’s and servers’ safety and interviewing the staff.

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What everybody should know about CVV2

CVV2, CVC2, or just the card security code (CSC), are different names for the security features for credit and debit card transactions. CVV2 provides increased protection against credit card fraud.

How it works?

Imagine that you’re buying something over the Internet, fax, mail or phone. Since you’re not present in person, such transactions are called “card not present transactions”. Normally, you give your card to a merchant. You take it out of your wallet, you can present your signature or prove that you know the PIN. Somehow you prove this card belongs to you. Everything goes well…

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PCI Data Security Standards Rock

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