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MOTO Payments – How To Do It Right?

Every day more and more people are using the internet for an ever-expanding branch of online purchases, starting from hotel room booking, airline tickets, clothes or even pizza delivery, you name it.

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Want to Sell More? Be More Mum-Friendly!

Turns out the people behind those big numbers in m-commerce aren’t brokers, yuppies or geeks in Silicon Valley, but… mums. According to an infographic by BabyBump, nearly 70% of surveyed mums (there was almost 1,400 of them!) shop using their mobile devices, and 93% of them spent more time m-shopping in 2012 than in 2011. Moral? Make your shop mum-friendly – here are a few fun facts that will help you adjust your e-shop to mums’ needs.

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Moneta – mobile payments for everyone

MonetaWhenever we read any news about mobile payments, it seems like it’s always about the same things: smart phones, NFC, Square, Google Wallet and so on. If you have a similar impression, then here’s something refreshing: Moneta – a payment scheme that doesn’t require NFC, attaching anything to your cell phone or installing any apps. Actually, you don’t even need a smart phone – any cell phone will do just fine!

So how does it work? What’s the technology behind Moneta? It’s actually as simple as a phone call. And I mean it literally – data is transmitted over a voice connection!

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Card number from a photo

How many times have you had to type a credit card number when you wanted to pay for something? It’s painful, isn’t it? 16 digits one by one, then check for mistakes… next payment: once again, 16 digits one by one, etc. is a solution for everyone who’s tired of putting the whole credit card number again and again.

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