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PayLane for StartUps, a Short Story of Creation

Take a retro rocket, spice it up with a flying superhero, add a pinch of subtle textures, mix together and leave to simmer. If only the process of creation was as simple as a cook-book recipe. In this case we could begin like this: take gallons of black coffee, hours of inspirational soundtrack and an occasional “eureka” moment… But, like with every project, this one begins with a concept.

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Running an E-Shop And Being a Mother? An Interview With

Are you tired of your job? Maybe you lost it? Have you considered starting your own business? Read our interview with Dominika Małecka-Buźniak about unusual circumstances in which she founded her e-shop

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Revolutionary Project for Startups!

It’s no secret that we love startups and we frequently write about them on our blog. We know that besides a lot of passion, e-businesses need partners who understand their needs. That’s why we prepared our revolutionary project: PayLane for Startups. We make online payments processing easier. See how it works and join the startups revolution!

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Crisis? Not in the e-commerce industry

GlobeWhen I am reading news from the e-commerce industry, regardless of the country or the continent, it seems that it’s the only sector of the economy where crisis is not as noticeable. Hell, one might even say it’s actually… non-existent!

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From One Tweet to One Million $

Who wouldn’t want to be in Stacey Ferreira’s place? She responded to Richard Branson tweet, then met him with her brother in Miami and after a couple months the billionaire invested in their project. I talked to Stacey Ferreira, the co-founder of MySocialCloud about their product, security, history and future plans.

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Start-Up: Interview with Bartłomiej Gola of SpeedUp Group

This time we’ve got something for the start-up community. If you decide to create your business it might be useful to know your potential investors’ point of view. Better listen criticism and correct mistakes now than close the project before it develops properly.

I have talked to Bartłomiej Gola,  the Managing Partner of SpeedUp Group, an entrepreneur and innovator, about the future of start-ups, why great engineers fail, the difference between local and international business and how to find an investor for your start-up.

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