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MOTO Payments – How To Do It Right?

Every day more and more people are using the internet for an ever-expanding branch of online purchases, starting from hotel room booking, airline tickets, clothes or even pizza delivery, you name it.

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Cheap Travel 101: How To Spend a Weekend Abroad For €10

It might not be a very modest thing to say, but I am a bit of a low budget travels expert. Or at least that’s what my friends made me believe, as on a regular basis I get approached by them (or their friends) asking me to find them a cheap ticket to XYZ. They all seem to be in awe of my ‘skills’ and convinced that I know some extraordinary secrets that allow me to travel abroad for next to nothing, when in fact all I do is…use the internet. In the past you had to go to a travel agent, who charged a middle-man’s %. Now, all you need is a computer with the net.

That’s right, a weekend in London or Paris (assuming you live in the EU) for a total of €10 is possible. How? Take a look at a few main rules.

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