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How Social Media Can Bring More Customers


Making your business trustworthy is not a chore but an art form that everyone should be eager to take on. Most people think that once their SSL and PCI are in check you don’t really need much more. However, most people fail to realize that so far they’ve gained the trust of banks, institutions and payment gateways, but what about customers? Most customers have no idea what PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) means what SSL (Secure Sockets Layer – This allows for data/message confidentiality)¬†does.

So, what’s left? Making your business known, reliable, and open. There is a rumor going around that social media is pretty much the death of a business because people bash, whine and make a business look unreliable. But as the saying goes – don’t believe everything you hear! Social media can make your business sink but it can also make your business the IT business to be a customer of!

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How To Make Women Trust You

Only 6.8% women trust online payments. This is the conclusion that Marzena Feldy, a PhD at Warsaw School of Economics, has come to. She analyzed a group of young people aged 18 to 34 as to their online shopping behavior. The research included both men and women but let us concentrate on women for the moment.

According to the research, women consider e-shopping too technical. Websites loaded with masses of products have been shown to cause information stress among women. It also turns out that women find contact with a shop assistant indispensable. They want to be sure that goods can be returned easily. Women also consider e-shopping boring. Surprised? Here is why. The interviewees claim that while shopping online they lack interaction with friends. There is no one around to discuss, advise or help make the final decision.

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