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10 Rules Of Social Media Etiquette You Might Want to Follow

Social media is a piece of cake, right? All you do is post, tweet or like, retweet, comment, follow and unfollow. There are no rules since it’s all anonymous (or at least safe from in front of your screen)… Well, maybe in theory. Assuming you want to use social media not for trolling, but to actually have conversations or meet interesting people, you might want to follow a few simple (and one might even say obvious) rules.

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How to get more retweets – the ultimate guide

You may be a Twitter enthusiast or think it’s just a big mess and no tool will allow to fully control it. But the thing here is that Twitter simply works. Millions of people use it to share information or ask questions and that’s why it’s worth your interest. And as they say: since you can’t beat them – join them.

There’s lots of noise in Twitter streams, so being engaging is pretty much crucial. Doing it “manually” (asking questions, being controversial etc.) is one thing, but it would be unwise not to use Twitter’s mechanisms designed to help people connect.

Retweeting is about spreading the news, engaging, appreciating good content and so on. Here are a few tips that will help you write tweets which should spread all over the Internet.

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Everybody lies. Even numbers.

It surely isn’t new that statistics lie or at least they don’t tell all the truth. Since social media are (unfortunately) very often about numbers, take a look at how many users does Twitter really have.

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