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Trustworthy E-commerce Website – Infographic

infographic kissmetrics

Having an e-commerce website is not just about making sure that you have more customers, you sell lots of products, or that your website looks trendy. E-commerce first and foremost is based on safety. KISSmetrics created a great infographic to show a couple steps in making your business the best it can be for your customers and you! Check out this Road Map for a Trustworthy E-commerce Website:

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PayLane for StartUps, a Short Story of Creation

Take a retro rocket, spice it up with a flying superhero, add a pinch of subtle textures, mix together and leave to simmer. If only the process of creation was as simple as a cook-book recipe. In this case we could begin like this: take gallons of black coffee, hours of inspirational soundtrack and an occasional “eureka” moment… But, like with every project, this one begins with a concept.

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4 Tips: How To Have a Successful E-Commerce Website

What factors make for a successful business? Is it the product? Of course. Customer support? Sure. Competitive prices? Naturally. But what if a potential customer doesn’t get to experience the quality of your services, because they have been put off by your company’s site, which looks as if it was “designed” by a 10-year-old in 1996?

An attractive, eye-catching website has become the norm in today’s e-commerce world. Is it still possible to run a business without a site or one that is absolutely atrocious? Have you ever been discouraged from shopping online or using someone’s services based on their www?

A website is a make-or-break of a company. So, to make sure you don’t fall into the latter category, here are 4 main tips you might want to follow…

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Integrating with a payment gateway via API

Coding...How to seamlessly integrate with a payment gateway using API? What are the common mistakes made in the process of designing? How to design transactions’ flow in the system? How much can it cost you? Do you need still a test gateway after integration?

So many questions, yet all answers can be found in this tutorial. Awesome, right?

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How to make your website perfect?

Are you currently setting up your website for your new online store and would like to make it safe, legible for your customers and compliant to the rules of financial institutions involved, such as credit card companies? There are some best practice rules ready for you…

Here are the rules you MUST follow…

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Brand new layout

We’re into payments, so how on earth could we have a cool site? Oh, and make it attractive to potential clients at the same time. (After all, we eventually have to make some money, right?)

Yet we wanted a good looking and effective website.. Especially that our old one was… well, let’s be honest – it wasn’t exactly George Clooney of CSS. But that’s perfectly normal, every site eventually gets old and requires corrections or rearrangements.

It’s just that we decided, that our needs replacement.

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