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Visa Credit Card and LCD

Visa CodeSure

Visa Europe offers a credit card that comes with its own 48×8 pixel LCD panel on the back. That would be located just above the signature of the cardholder. The solution, calledĀ CodeSure Matrix Display Card, has been invented to increase security of credit cards, which can be used e.g. in online shopping.

What is Visa CodeSure?

In many ways, Visa CodeSure is a standard Visa chip card. It can be used just like any other Visa card to conduct transactions at the point of sale and ATMs. It can also be issued as a debit card, a credit card, a prepaid card or a commercial card. And it is fully compliant with other Visa solutions such asĀ Verified by Visa.

What makes it different is that the card incorporates an eight-digit alphanumeric display, a button keypad and an inbuilt battery with a three year life-span. This means that it has all the necessary technology to generate the highly secure dynamic passcodes.

Interesting solution, isn’t it?


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